Enrolment Information

Fill in the Application Form, submit/fax/email/post it back to us, send us a copy of your passport or ID and pay the fees for your chosen course.

If you need a student visa to come to the UK, you will have to provide the college with a scanned copy of your passport (the page with your photograph and personal details), bank statements, and a letter of intent. The college does not need the original copies of the documents. They can be faxed to us or scanned and sent to us by email. However, the embassy may require the original copies. Please contact us by email if you have any more questions. Before enrolling at Watney College, we strongly advise you to check the full immigration requirements at https://www.gov.uk/visa-to-study-english.

If you want to study English language course for a maximum of 11 months as an international student, you are required to check the accredited institution which you can find at the following links https://www.gov.uk/visa-to-study-english/your-course

Watney College is an Accredited Institution of ASIC.  You can learn more from https://www.asic.org.uk/uk-directory/

You will get advice on living in the UK: