About Us

Your Gateway to Higher Education

Watney College is a higher-education-promoting Organisation. We initiate the process by running short courses at our facilities to provide returning learners a launchpad into education, looking to recruit them into established institutions that provide acclaimed courses at a higher level. We try to create a bridge between local and international students with colleges and universities, all in pursuit of bringing people to a world-class education. Based in East London, we have been helping students from all over the globe to complete admissions in British universities and colleges. 

Like any other industry, the world of education is continuing to be more globalized with time, transcending geographical boundaries. This has allowed us to successfully place thousands of students in universities all across the world – a feat that can be ascribed to a friendly and supportive team that prioritizes student experience over anything else. Watney College is committed to keeping our standards to the highest possible level and maintain a strong trust-based relationship because we believe that only what is good for students is good for business.

Our Philosophy

We always try to identify learner’s needs and expectations and set up a range of appropriate actions for all individuals accordingly.

Our Principle

Providing quality Education is our Principle. We are teamed up with experienced teachers who are able to deliver knowledge in an effective manner.

Key Of Success

If you are keen to climb the career ladder or improve your academic skills, Watney College will offer you the freedom to explore exciting new opportunities.

Message from CEO

On behalf of Watney College, I’d like to welcome all who are planning for Higher Education. We are working relentlessly to help ambitious learners develop their careers through higher education. That is why this institution is more than just a tuition provider. Watney College is unique in the sense that we do not only run courses for our existing students, but we train all students and support them in enrolling in the next step in their academic journey. That is Watney College is unique in that we operate as much as a recruitment and student support agency, as much as we are a tuition provider.

We understand that just enrolling in a school or college is a challenge and appreciate that many people drop out of education for reasons beyond their control. Watney College encourages those learners to come back to higher education in order to be able to change their profession to higher levels or achieve that dream career they’ve always wished for but didn’t get the chance to train for.