About Us

Your Gateway to Higher Education

At Watney College, we aim to deliver a range of short courses to support individuals enabling them to achieve their personal, professional, or academic goals.

Our English Language Course is designed for people who want to improve their knowledge of the English Language. Some may find this English Language course useful for work, study, or simply for personal interest.

Our Philosophy

We always try to identify our clients’ needs and arrange appropriate solutions for all individuals accordingly

Our Principle

Providing quality Education is our Principle. We offer experienced teachers who are able to deliver knowledge in an effective manner.

Key Of Success

If you are keen to climb the career ladder or improve your academic skills, Watney College will offer you the freedom to explore exciting new opportunities.

Message From Principal

On behalf of Watney College, I’d like to welcome all who are planning to enrich their professional and academic skill. We are hoping to support ambitious learners to develop their knowledge and skills to achieve their desired goals.

We understand that just enrolling in a school or college is a challenge and appreciate that many people drop out of education for reasons beyond their control. Watney College aims to offer a platform encouraging students to return to higher education in order to reach higher levels in their chosen profession or to achieve that dream career.