General English Language Course

English Language Course Overview


Duration: 12 Weeks

Entry Requirements: Pre-intermediate English

Description: The Communicative and Linguistic (lexical, grammatical, phonological) Programme of the two–month Entry 3 session is based on the previous one. In this session, all linguistic skills (productive and receptive) are being developed parallel.  (162 hours within 13, 5 weeks)

Intakes: September, January, April, June

Location: 80 – 82 Nelson Street, London, E1 2DY

Method: Classroom, Online or Blended


Level of English Language Course

Entry 1 (A1)

Entry 2 (A2)

Entry 3 (A3)


12 Weeks/3 Months

12 Weeks/3 Months

12 Weeks/3 Months

Entry Requirements

No Previous Qualification

Basic or Entry 1 Equivalent

Pre-intermediate English or Entry 2 Equivalent






September, January, April, June


Classroom, Online or Blended